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We admit it!  This is a sales site.  We want you to hire us to make beautiful, compelling video for you.  But this site is more than that.  We feel it's important to educate and inform our visitors about our industry, thereby making it easier for you to make informed decisions when it comes time for you to make your commercial, or video.  Check out "Commercial Spot Production 101" for an in-depth overview of the process, from concept to completion.  Written by our founding father, Jobie Smith, sharing his 30+ years of experience in Media.  It's full of insider info on just about all aspects of production work and it's connection to advertising. This article should be of particular interest to the Small Business owner who is contemplating using video, but who may be a novice in Video Production and Advertising.

If you're a fan of Fantasy-Action-Adventure movies, then help us evaluate our new Web Series "Secret Circle", now in development.  We now have two "Revelations" there for your viewing enjoyment.  It's a Martial Arts themed, teens as superheros tale set in Akron, Ohio.  While there, please participate in our poles and make comments, positive or negative.  This is one of the ways we can tell if we're on the right track with our project.  These movies are  for entertainment only!

Then have a look at our "Advertising Demos" page.  We don't just show you our work, we dissect how and why it was created; further perspective into the process from an aesthetic and demographic point of view.

You can also watch our "Studio Demo" and get a behind-the-scenes view.  What starts out as a straightforward presentation soon turns surreal, as Scott and Jobie's alter egos take you on a tour of our humble, but effective studio, with a few surprises along the way. 

Cleveland Browns Football fan, or not, our Pro Football page is a great demonstration of state-of-the-art HD Web Video.  It's also a good example of how to utilize video for your web site.  All the video there was produced specifically for others web sites.

We hope you enjoy our work, and gain some insights about your own video project along the way.  And please come back, from time to time, to check out our latest projects.
Notice: Because we have migrated to High Definition production, we will no longer be posting Standard Definition work here for demo.  All our future production work will be shot in HD (see our "High Definition Production Policy").  Look for new HD demos in our specialties of Studio ServicesCommercial Spot ProductionTravel & leasure, and Fantasy-Action-Adventure.  Please check back.
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Niagara: American Style - The Movie
To view the latest developments with our primary project, the Niagara Movie Project, please click through to our web site in support of our movie.  There you can read the latest developments, see a 12 min. sample of our movie and leave comments.  We appreciate your support.