This message is for our fans, or possibly stalkers, who return to this page almost daily.

Or anyone else who may happen this way
For your personal information, we have launched a new web site specifically for our Secret Circle project.  This is the place to go to find out what we're willing to reveal at this time.  We will be adding to this site almost daily until we get caught up.  This page will be deleted when we go public with the new site.  Yes, it's still a big secret.  We haven't done any promotion yet, so no one knows about us but our Youtube friends and occasional visitors to this MSD site.  But because some check back here regularly, we thought we'd give you a heads-up.  You can watch us develop the site as we go.  This time, you can be one of the first to help us get this project some attention.  Please participate in our polls, make comments and join our forums as they develop.  At this point we need to know what you think of our project.

Expect new pages explaining the whole thing, and if you are from NE Ohio, you could possibly become involved.  Or become involved virtually, through our site.  We call the site The Lair and here is the link -