Pro Football - '08' in HD
  Because of Scott's involvement with his own branded Web TV Broadcast, the "Serious Fans" show, for the last three years MediaSmiths Digital, in collaboration with SF has produced a series of videos in support of Scott's effort.  They can be viewed on our "Archives" page, and on the Serious Fans site.
In '08' we started producing in HD, and what appears below are the results.  A good example of how to use Web Video, this interview was used by the book publisher and the author on their sites.

We like big screens.  So, on this page we're displaying our players at maximum size for your viewing enhancement.  Note that the Openfilm players can be bumped to Full Screen.  Try it.  You'll like it.  Just follow the page links to the left for the screen of your choice.                                                                                  Read our review of here.
Peter Chakerian Interview.wmv
Peter Chakerian Interview In Full Screen & HD
The players above and below feature an interview with Peter Chakerian, author of a new book entitled "The Browns Fans Tailgating Guide".  Filmed in the famous Cleveland "Muni Lot", it also features Michael Stanley, Serious Fans Commentator.  The player above utilizes the Windows Media Video format and plays directly from our Site.  The player below Is imbedded from our channel, msdtv, on the site.  Openfilm's player allows you to view in Full Screen.  If you play it directly from our Channel, it can be seen in true 1280x720 High definition.
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After three years of trying out many different web video sharing sites, we hope we've found a home.  And just in time.  Now that we're producing in HD, we were desperately searching for ways to display it properly on our site. is filling that need.  Their imbedable player is the coolest one we've seen yet.  With features like Full Screen, scrub anywhere, spacebar stop-&-start, and imbed-screen size control, we just love it.  And that's just their player.  There site hosts some of the best web video we've ever seen.  If fact, we feel humbled by many of them and are proud to have our work included on their site.  If you are interested in web video (you must be if your here), you owe it to yourself to spend some time there.
Stay Tuned
More HD Pro Football Video Coming Here Soon