A Few Words About Quality:
Our Studio Demo video was produced in High Definition.  However, due to the technical limitations of our Host Web Site Provider, Homestead.com, the version we are presenting above is Standard Definition.  We are presently working on new methods to display our video in the way it was meant to be seen, in glorious HD.  The player seen below is imbedded from a great new video web site, Opemfilm.com.   This site specializes in High Quality playback, and the screen below allows you to easily select Full Screen mode for the latest web viewing experience.  For Full Screen, click the 4-arrows button in the lower right corner of the screen, then Esc to return to normal page view.  Please visit Openfilm.com to view more HD web content of a quality not found elsewhere.

- Fully Insured -
A Few Words About The "Film Look"
A Hot topic among digital video producers, the "Film Look" closely emulates the popular film stocks used by today's filmmakers.  We have available a variety of "looks" to complement your production.  Why pay tens-of-thousands for film production when we can produce comparable results in High Definition for a fraction of the cost?
The good news is, beyond the initial cost of our HD equipment, the truth is it costs us no more to produce our video in High Definition than it does in Standard Definition.  There is no bad news.  Therefore it has become our policy to shoot all our commercial projects in High Definition.  What this means to our clients is that you get two levels of quality with your project (SD and HD) at no additional production cost.  It’is also good news that HD images can be easily down-converted to Standard Definition and will look even better than the same images shot with an SD system.  For our budget-minded clients who don’t need or want to pay for HD distribution (Blu-ray DVD, Cable, Broadcast, and the Internet) this means they get a superior quality SD video.  This is especially important in the local TV and Internet markets where we see so much poor quality video being used.  Then, if the budget-minded client ever decides to upgrade their distribution channels with the same material, the HD version will be here in our Client Archives, ready to go.  How cool is that?
High Definition Production Policy
We Shoot, or You Shoot On Either Of Our Two Stages
Yes, you can shoot in our studio with your camera (or ours) and all our lights and equipment at your disposal.  Or we can shoot it for you.
Specializing In Standard
High Definition Chroma Key Effects

Including Our Library Of Virtual Sets

Virtual Sets are high quality backgrounds designed for use with Adobe Ultra, one of our Chroma Key applications.  These backgrounds come in libraries with many different points of view of the same set.  Some are animated, allowing for some great looking moving crane shots and reveals of your Subject. You get a Big Studio Look for very little time, effort and expense.  You can view two examples with several angles of each set in our "Fun With Green Screen" video on our Archives Page.

A Keyed Subject can be placed in front of any background including photos, illustrations and other video clips.
Teleprompter Available
Now Featuring Multi-camera
Live-switched Live-streaming Video
Stream Your Show  Directly from Our Studio
To The Internet
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What starts out as a straightforward presentation soon turns surreal, as Scott and Jobie's alter egos take you on a tour of our newley remodeled studio, with a few surprises along the way.
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