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'Niagara: American Style - The Niagara Falls State Park                                     The Tour & The Story'
Where can you enjoy all the features of one of the world’s great natural wonders and still be within walking distance of the latest man-made attractions that tourists and their families have come to expect on vacation?  And where else can you do it so inexpensively?  New York’s Niagara Falls State Park, affectionately referred to as “The Reservation”, is such a place.  Conveniently located within easy driving distance of America’s east coast and all the human comforts associated with modern urban life, it is truly a versatile destination.  Stand on the banks of Goat Island and imagine what it must have been like to travel there in a canoe.  Then glance up to view the brilliant colored lights on the face of the Seneca-Niagara Casino Hotel.  It’s a cultural and geographical paradox that makes for the perfect weekend getaway.  Or stay for a month.  You won’t run out of things to do.
Niagara: American Style is the topic of the first in our series of travel documentaries from MSD.  Aimed at the Internet, Cable, and Broadcast TV markets dealing with travel, leisure, and natural history, it’s a merging of two distinctly different styles of movie making; the modern travelogue and the historical documentary.   It’s a compendium of fascinating, useful and sometimes strange and intriguing travel information combined with a historically stimulating telling of the story behind the story.  The Hollywood pitchmen would probably sum it up as “Ken Burns with an attitude”.
Evolution of a Work In Progress:

What you’re watching is a rough cut demo that will be changing as the project evolves.  Our purpose here is to give you a feel for what the end product will be like.  The final version will be edited to fill an hour of TV time.  Some of the live clips in the present version will be replaced with footage yet to be shot.

We are returning to the Falls the end of July to record interviews, collect footage of Canada and pick up new shots that our script now calls for.  The present version of the historical sections represents less than half the material we have collected thus far.  We have collected, and will be adding sequences for Thomas Vincent Welch and Queen Victoria Park, among other historical images and info.

Our stats may not be what you believe to be correct.  At this point we are using stats that where available at the time of the VO recording.  Since that point we have discovered discrepancies.  Example: The narrator says that the population of N.F., N.Y. is fifty-one-thousand.  Since then we have found three other figures as stated by various websites.  So, for now we will wait for the new official figures from the 2010 Census, thank you.  Our final version will contain the best info available at  the time of publication.

The narration you hear is spoken by me, Jobie Smith.  We use it for editing purposes, to time out the scenes for this demo.  At the proper time we will replace it with dialog performed by professional talent.  If our sponsors are generous, we will shoot for a name actor for the narrator’s job.

We strongly believe in credit where credit is due.  The present version of our Demo is without credits for brevity's sake.  The final version will include screen credit for all individuals who appear and speak on screen, in any form the individual desires.  Plus a complete bibliography, in Credit-roll form appearing at the end of our movie, of all individuals involved, images, quotes, and music used.  All images and quotes appearing in the present Demo version have been found to be free of copyrights restrictions.  We are sincerely grateful to the United States Library of Congress for making a movie like ours possible.
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    The 12 minute Demo
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              Evolution of a Work in Progress

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Page Links:
    The 12 minute Demo
         The 1 minute 20 sec Preview
              Evolution of a Work in Progress
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Contributors Forum
This is the place where those who support and have contributed to our project can come to voice their experience with us and check on our progress.  If you were recorded by us and signed a release during our recent Niagara location shoot, that makes you a contributor.  If you worked with us on any aspect of the Project, you are a contributer.  Please accept our gratitude to all those who helped out.  We would ask that you contribute to our Forum in our guest book so the world can know of your involvement and experience before the movie is published.  It's not necessary to enter contact info to make a comment.  You can also leave comments in the Blog section above..Your messages can be as long or as short as you would like.  Your questions will be answered by your moderator, the Director. Your words could end up in our movie and promotional material.
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Contributor's Forum
The place where those who have been involved  can communicate with the Niagara Project Community, ask questions and check on our progress
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