We believe in collaborating with our clients to create the images that illustrate their message in a high-impact, unique and compelling way.  We offer a variety of different services, depending on our clients’ needs. 

We do not have a set price list because each project is unique and requires a different tool-set and resources.  You owe it to yourself to call us for a comparison quote before deciding on a production company.  We believe you will be pleasantly surprised.
Our Current Services Include:
Digital Video Acquisition:
ENG/Film Style & "Film Look"
     Standard & High Definition
Field Production
Cameras  & Lens By Canon
Studio Services:
We Shoot or You Shoot On Either
        Of Our Two Stages

Specializing In Standard &
High Definition
Chroma Key Effects
Including Our Library Of Virtual Sets

Includes Teleprompter Service

Now Featuring Multi-camera
Live-switched Live-streaming Video -
Stream Your Show  Directly from Our          Studio To The Internet
Digital Postproduction:
From Recording to Encoding and Upload
Partnered with:
Matrox HD
   Adobe Production Premium
Digital Juice
   SmartSound Music
Red Giant VFX
                ParticleIllusion VFX
DVD & Blu-ray Authoring
Video Fulfillment:
Flat Art Design & Printing
Labels & Case Art
- Fully Insured -
A Few Words About The "Film Look"
A Hot topic among digital video producers, the "Film Look" closely emulates the popular film stocks used by today's filmmakers.  We have available a variety of "looks" to complement your production.  Why pay tens-of-thousands for film production when we can produce comparable results in High Definition for a fraction of the cost?
The good news is, beyond the initial cost of our HD equipment, the truth is it costs us no more to produce our video in High Definition than it does in Standard Definition.  There is no bad news.  Therefore it has become our policy to shoot all our commercial projects in High Definition.  What this means to our clients is that you get two levels of quality with your project (SD and HD) at no additional production cost.  It's also good news that HD images can be easily down-converted to Standard Definition and will look even better than the same images shot with an SD system.  For our budget-minded clients who don’t need or want to pay for HD distribution (Blu-ray, Cable, Broadcast, and the Internet) this means they get a superior quality SD video.  This is especially important in the local TV and Internet markets where we see so much poor quality video being used.  Then, if the budget-minded client ever decides to upgrade their distribution channels with the same material, the HD version will be here in our Client Archives, ready to go. 
How cool is that?
High Definition Production Policy

Our studio is located in Copley, Ohio, 1/8 of a mile from the Cleveland/Massillon Rd. exit from I-77.  For directions, or with any questions you may have, please call or email:


Akron Area (330) 665-0516
Toll Free (866) 659-9075

General business hours are
2:00 PM to 6:00 PM, Eastern Time, weekdays.